ALD Group Ltd. plays a prominent and pioneering role in the world's Reliability, ILS and Quality community providing consulting, training and off-the-shelf software for customers around the world in a wide range of industries: military, aerospace, telecommunication, automotive, nuclear, and medical.

The combination of innovative software products for RAMS, ILS and FRACAS, and unique industry experience gained in hundreds of sofisticated projects, make ALD the first and only source of reliability and quality enhancements for its customers.

Reliability Prediction

Support of more than 30 reliability prediction standards - MIL-HDBK-217, FIDES, Telcordia Issue 2, Siemens Norm (SN 29500), IEC 62380, GJB/Z 299, NPRD-95, NSWC...

Reliability Block Diagram

System reliability modelling using RBD, support of different redundancy models (parallel, serial, K-out-of-N, switch reliability), MTBCF calculation, Monte-Carlo Simulation

Reliability Analysis

Reliability analysis using Mission Profile, Temperature Curve, Pareto, Stress Analysis (Derating) and Markov modules


Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis according to MIL-STD-1629 standard with more than 50 reports and Testability Analysis Module

Fault Tree Analysis

Intuitive GUI for FTA building, extremely quick Minimal cut-sets generation, unavailability, intensity, frequency calculation, importance and sensitivity analysis


Web-based flexible Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Actions System for failure data collection, reliability analysis and safety management