About Us

ALD Ltd. is a world leader in the field of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety software, Reliability Improvement Methodology and Training with 25-years of expertise in development of Safety and Reliability software for many of the world leading civil & military aviation, communication, space and electronics organizations.

ALD solutions were adopted by hundreds organizations around the world including THALES, BAE Systems, NASA, MBDA, SAGEM, Lockheed Martin, Alenia, Marconi Selenia and many others.

ALD provides the following solutions for different industries:
Services / Consulting
Reliability Engineering, Safety Assessment and Certification, Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, Integrated Logistics Suport and other services performed by the worl leading profesional team with unique experience gained in many sophisticated projects. •Training
ALD operates Reliability and Quality College certified by the American society for quality. ALD specialists deliver training and workshops all over the world, including USA, Japan, Portugal, Thailand, and Singapore. Some courses correspond to the ASQCs' program for the CQM/CQE/CRE/CSQE/CQT and national Six Sigma exams.
Software Development
ALD offers off-the-shelf software products for Reliability, Safety, ILS and Quality - including RAM Commander (comprehensive RAMS toolkit covering all Reliability, Availability and Maintainability tasks), D-LCC (Life cycle costing combining distincs logistics approach with flexibility of cost modelling), FavoWeb FRACAS (web-based flexible Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Actions System) and more.

Customer satisfaction, improvement, product and process quality are ALD primary goals.

For more information, see a complete guide to our Reliability and Safety Software and our Reliability, Safety, ILS and Quality Services.
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